In love with a Ghost (episode 1)

Daniel felt school was a waste of time for him in life, he’s very dull, he skips classes a lot lived a rough abnormal life which he sees as normal. He doesn’t belongs to any gang or group but no one dares to cross his path. He’s disliked by so many people because of his notorious way of living. Even his twin sister Danielle disliked him because of the way he have chosen to live his life. He’d wear rough dirty clothes to school. Even on Monday morning when everyone is shinning and looking good. His own parents are tired of him,they have done all that they could do to change him,but still he becomes even worse as each day goes by. He isn’t influence by anyone or anything because he don’t keep friends, in fact no one could bear him at all,and he’s not on any form of drug. He felt life is one time opportunity which he have to live to the fullest .Doing what he likes and how he wants it.

One day Daniel left school as usual during school hours .He fled the fence at the back of the school, he went to an uncompleted building a long the school road and was playing game with his phone .The one he bought with his school fees. He rose his head up and saw a girl seating by the window side. She was admiring him while he was playing the game.

“Hey you! What are you looking at?”He asked her. But she turned back and looked to see if someone was behind her.”I’m asking you and you’re turning ya back ,what are you doing here and why have you been looking at me?”. He asked her again as he pocket his phone walking close to her .”huh! You mean you can see me ?she surprisingly asked him.”I asked you a question and you’re answering me with a question, am I blind or what? Huh!”.he asked her angrily as he stood in front of her.

“Oh my God!,this ain’t good, you can actually hear and see me. I’m a ghost.” she said and use her finger to touch him but it penetrated…….

What’s he going to do?

Comment please


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Richmond Owusu says:

    Wow!… Who x scared now?


    1. Well let’s wait for the next episode


  2. Awesome story.

    Well i think he will be a lil shock since he fears nothing


    1. Hi hi
      Well let’s wait the next episode


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